Bulldog Skincare for Men

United Kingdom

About Bulldog Skincare for Men

The idea for Bulldog was born in 2005 when founder, Simon Duffy, noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options that were made for him. Looking at the shelves, there were products he used, but no products he loved.

Bulldog is Man’s Best Friend

Whether you have the face of angel or the skin of a rhino, Bulldog is on your side.

Our straightforward ranges for normal, sensitive, oily or mature skin are purpose built for men and specially formulated to help you look and feel your best.

Products We Love Made by People We Know

We’re proud of our products and of the people who make them.

Our products contain brilliant natural ingredients like the camelina, green tea and aloe vera in our Original range. We combine these with carefully selected, man-made ingredients to offer superb performance at an affordable price.

We make most of our products here in the UK, in factories run by people we know and trust.

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