Looking For A Job? Then Ditch Your Current One

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Looking for a job can be a full time job in itself.  So when you’re trying to juggle work whilst looking over the fence to see if the grass is greener, it’s little wonder the excitement of new horizons soon turns into a landscape of muddled confusion.  And this is when bad decisions can be made.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and look for something new, wouldn’t it be easier to ditch the role you’re in first?  A daunting prospect, indeed, but Rebecca Hudson, executive consultant at marketing and media recruitment agency PFJ, believes the gamble to go all out can be worth it:

My six years recruitment experience has consistently shown me that those bold enough to switch from being a ‘passive’ jobseeker to an ‘active’ one, can be richly rewarded.  Many jobseekers feel they are taking a huge risk in leaving employment before securing something new – which of course they are – but I took this risk recently and while slightly daunting at first, if you believe in your ability and work in a buoyant sector, as marketing & media is at the moment, work will come to you.  I appreciate people have financial commitments, mouths to feed etc, but if you believe in your ability and dedicate enough time to the jobs search, enlisting the services of a top recruitment consultancy with a great client base, opportunities will come flooding in.

The benefits of switching from being a passive jobseeker to an active one include:

  • Passive jobseekers don’t see all the options; being active keeps you nimble and adaptable to changing environments
  • Passive jobseekers are liable to snap decisions to quicken the process; being active is commitment so you are more likely to be patient for the role you really want
  • Passive jobseekers are less likely to be assertive, resulting in missed opportunities
  • Packing in your existing job is a sign of self-confidence, a hugely important trait in the current climate

The fact is, if you’re talented you will have the pick of the crop when it comes to roles available.  And in a skill-shortage market, this means a bounty of opportunities to choose from.  By allocating yourself more time to actively look into things, you will be choosing from things that are ideal for you.

Rebecca works as an executive consultant for marketing & media recruitment consultancy, PFJ. If you’re looking for a career move or need to add hire talented marketing & media professionals to your team, call Rebecca on 0207 612 3800.


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