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About Vanguard

Vanguard Marketing guarantees a minimum of a 2:1 ROI for our clients allowing every client to double there investment minimum every single time.

Vanguard Marketing takes pride in delivering every clients message on a face to face level to each and every potential customer. This allows our clients to gain a tailored and unforgettable experience. This always gains a quantifiable result to guarantee results every single time.

As a business Vanguard Marketing specialises in providing a face to face tailored experience to our 3 types of clients to allow us to deliver a 2:1 ROI year after year.

Blue chip clients are hugehouse hold names and market leaders in there industry. We deliver a forever developing experience to there customers to always be ahead of the competition.

Vanguard marketing are experts in spotting trends and working with up and coming companies that are about to explode.

Growth industries allows us to really have an impact on a businesses success. Our Non profit clients are very important for us and allow us to deliver a personal message to customers and expand internationally.


Vanguard Provides three types of campaigns for our clients.

1) Business to Business:

Exposing our clients straight to the business on a professional level to gain maximum exposure.

2) Business to Consumer:

Taking the product straight to the consumer directly to allow Vanguard to really measure its results first hand.

3) Events and promotions:

Delivering a message to an area with a large foot fall allows Vanguard Marketing to deliver a personal message to our clients customers.

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